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Hello Ben,

I am Ganesh from Mauritius and I am a Mozillian/ReMO [https://reps.mozilla.org/u/sandraghassen/]. We met sometime during of the Mozilla events, if not mistaken it should be MozSummit 2013 and I am also a regular reader of your posts. Anyway…

I came across about your Glucosio project since its inception. This is wonderful project which I wish to contribute and also implement here in Mauritius (population of 1.2 million). Heart diseases (17.7%)and Diabetes (24.60%) are the common non-communicable diseases and principal causes of mortality. I work at the Mauritius Institute of Health, the training and research agency of the Ministry of Health.

The Agence Univsersitaire de la Francophonie and my institution are looking forward to host an OSS workshop (our theme: eHealth and mHealth) scheduled for September 29, 2016. As I’m leading this event, I have made a suggestion for your participation as a guest speaker and at the same time launching Glucosio in Mauritius. Before going ahead, we need your agreement and availability (either live stream or here).
Looking forward to hear from you.