Android app crashes with Google Drive


Hi guys,

The newest version of the Android app crashes when you try and backup to google drive



Thank you for reporting this - we actually know about this one but it is always a good idea to report any crashing or unexpected behavior, it really helps us out. Sadly this is a complicated problem - we are using quite old API here and that might be the reason. We need help with Android development - so if you think you could fix this we encourage you to visit our github repos and get involved.


Can the previous version be made available in the Android store and is it compatible w/7? I’ll take decimal point errors in weight over the inability to back up. One day the app data disappeared and I can’t locate a local copy to try to restore from, so all I have is the last Google Drive backup from before the last update.
If a feature bounty page is setup and people are available and able to work on this, I’ll contribute to help restore the backup feature.


It is incredibly frustrating, apologies for that. Unfortunately, we are a project run entirely by volunteers and although I’ve looked at the problem I haven’t had time to focus on it completely. We could really use some additional help on the Android development side of things (I mainly look after the iOS version). If you can build from source, you can build the older version. Sorry it is taking so long.