Can't use decimals for mmol/L level


When entering a new blood glucose level decimals aren’t accepted. For example: 12.8 becomes 128 mmol/L


Hi Joost, what is locale of your phone? It looks really strange, I will create bug in our system.


Do you mean in what country I use Glucosio?
If so it’s the Netherlands.


Thank you for reporting this, it is definitely a bug that I was able to reproduce. I will create an issue in Github. It seems that when the phone locale uses ‘,’ as decimal point we don’t properly handle input and ‘.’ doesn’t work either in that case. For a workaround I can only suggest changing your phone’s system language to English until we can resolve the problem. If you are an Android developer (or know one) we are always looking for help since this is an open source project. Thanks again for reporting the issue to us.


Thank you for your respons.
My phone’s system language is already English.
Whatever country or language I set in Glucosio the decimals aren’t working.
Until you have time to fix it i just use round values :slight_smile:

Unfortunately i am not an android developer. But what I do have are a very particular set of design skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. :wink:
So I wish I could help you with this great app.
Or maybe translation to Dutch. I noticed that the Tips at the bottom of the screen aren’t translated.


All contributions are very welcome. If possible can you provide some other details about how your phone is configured, e.g., what version of Android, what kind of phone, etc? In my tests I have been able to see the issue but that is when I changed the phone’s locale to ‘Nederland’. I have committed some code on Github that hopefully fixes most of these problems with the ‘,’ separator. Also - are you definitely using Glucosio 1.5 (Vindaloo) and not 1.4?


I am indeed using 1.5 Vindaloo.
My phone is a Xiaomi MI A1 running stock Android Oreo 8.1


Thanks, well it is quite strange that the phone locale is English but decimal support is not working, so maybe there are more bugs than I thought. I will definitely keep looking!