Glucosio for iPhone- entering Blood Pressure


It’s only letting me enter in one number for the blood pressure. I need to enter in both the sis and sis numbers. Anyone know how?


Hi, I’m one of the developers of Glucosio for iOS. We currently only allow a single value for blood pressure. In the next version we might be able to add some additional fields, or at least let you add additional information in a comment.


Thank you for the quick reply. Yes please consider this. It is very needed as an accurate reading of blood pressure. The reading must include both the Systolic (Sys), the pressure when the heart beats, and the Diastolic (Dia), the pressure between heart beats. As a diabetic this is something many must log for their physician in addition to the blood glucose readings.


Can you specify the units that are used for these measurements? And whether these units are standardized or if there are regional/international differences?


(I’m planning on using mmHg as the base units, just curious if you think we should include any other units for conversion or display)


In the US, mmHg is the standard measurement unit. I don’t know internationally. Thank you for your attention to this issue.


Hi, I think we’re close to a release (or at least, a Testflight build) that addresses this issue. If you are interested in using the Testflight build to test this please let me know and I can send you an invite. Thanks for your feedback and supporting Glucosio


The new iOS version is in the app store. We hope this fixes your issue, and thank you for your feedback.


Did you add afield for heart rate? This is an important number as well when entering blood pressure.


We haven’t added that yet but we will consider it for a future release! Thank you for suggesting it.