How to export other things than glucose?


Hello all, I have figured out how to export the glucose readings, but is there a way to export ketones, weight, etc as well?


We have this support in iOS but not yet in the Android version, apologies for that. It is on our list of things to implement (in addition to restoring backups) and fixing a crash with Google Drive


Hi – I’m checking in on this topic. I use Android, and mainly want to export ‘everything’ to one or several CSV file(s) – not just glucose readings – so that I can take the data to my doctor. Seems like if the Android app can already do this for the glucose readings it should be simple to do this for the other data too??? Since this topic is now 6 months old can you update us on when CSV exports are expected to be available for the other data we’re collecting? Thanks!


Hi, unfortunately we don’t have an Android developer on board. As an open source project we rely on volunteers. This is definitely something that needs to be added to the app, and if we can get some help I’m sure it will be.