Lost my Glucosio data in iOS app


Hi guys- I’m hoping you can help me find my past data for Glucosio app. I haven’t used the app since 2/5/19. I went to add data on 4/1/19 and all of my past data is missing. I had glucose, HbA1c and ketone records.


Is the data in the history tab or just not showing on the chart/front screen?


The data is not in the history tab. I’m not able to locate the data anywhere within the app.


If the app was uninstalled or re-installed at some point, it is possible the data was lost, or if the storage of the phone was reset. If you have developer settings enabled and Android Studio and debugging tool chain, you might be able to explore your phones’ filesystem to see if any of the Glucosio data exists on the phone. I’m sorry I can’t help more


No, there wasn’t an uninstall of the app or a restore of the device. I’m using an iPhone; unfortunately the android advice you gave doesn’t help. There was an iOS update release in February for Glucosio and I believe there is probably a glitch with that release since the data disappeared after that timeframe. I emailed the company and didn’t get a reply. This online community was offered as a support forum within the app. Do you know of another way I may contact the developers of this app to inquire further?


There is no company that makes Glucosio - it is only an open source application (since it is free) so all development is done by volunteers. I didn’t know you were referring to the iPhone (I didn’t read the subject properly, apologies). Let me try my iPhone and see if I can reproduce your problem. I am travelling at the moment and I left my iPhone at home, so I won’t be able to do anything for a couple of weeks.