Must have features missing


Since its a Diabetics Management and Research Software, its must have many more features i am using currently on Diabetes:M (Which i want to discontinue as its a commercial product making money out of our personal data and is not dedicated for research, neither made with a genuine intention to help people suffering, like i believe Glucosio is)
but i dependant of their app as they have features that Glucosio does not.
Features Glucosio does not have
-> Tracking Insulin and other Diabetes related medication like Metformin that are given to reduce blood sugar and show/track the actual effect on the Blood glucose level, and observe the length of the effect of the medication between blood glucose readings before and after meals or any snack given at any random time.
-> Connect with food databases to get carb values in the food consumed and the approximate forecast of blood sugar level rise and amount of insulin required to handle that.
-> Showing & tracking the injection sites on the body so that we do not cause trauma in the same injected site over and over again.
-> Reminders to take insulin or other medications, body weight etc.


Thanks for the suggestions - our app is fully open source and we rely on contributions of all kinds - we are currently short of resources for Android development, if you know of anybody that can help please let them know about us. Thank you.