Weight Entry in Software


When I enter my weight it keeps showing the wrong number


I have the same issue on my Android. I’ve wind up having to track my weight in another app, which is kind of annoying. Glucosio, please get this fixed!


Guys, can you provide what weight value you’re trying?

The new version is baking where we changed some things for values. Hopefully it will be fixed.


I believe they need decimal weight support


We have found (and hopefully fixed) this problem where weight is incorrectly converted if you have changed the units of measure in the settings. It should be in the next build. Thank you for reporting this.


Nope, still incorrect. For example, I enter 211 lbs, save the entry, then it shows up as 209 in the history log. When I go back into the entry as if to edit, it shows as 95. It also shows as 95 in the graphical view.

I have had this issue with my Google Pixel XL and my Samsung Note 8.


As far as I know the build has not yet been released. Please clarify which build you are using.


I am using Version 1.4.0 (Chutney). Is that what you are referring to ?


Thank you - yes that is the current version in the Play Store. We have a new version coming out (hopefully quite soon) that will fix this problem. That’s what I meant when I said in the next build. I will post here when it is released.


Hello - just confirming that when I use kg as unit, the decimal is not supported. I.E. When entering 74.4kg I can only enter 74kg.


This is fixed in 1.5 (coming soon). Thank you for reporting it.


1.5 has been released, we hope this solves the problems described in this thread. Thank you for your feedback and bug reports


Buongiorno, avendo inserito un peso corporeo errato mi piacerebbe correggerlo ma non riesco potete spiegarmi come si fa? Grazie


Nell’elenco cronologia, scegli il peso corporeo, quindi scorri verso sinistra sulla voce che necessita di correzione e tocca modifica. (Italiano da Google translate)

On history list, choose body weight, then swipe left on the entry that needs correction, and tap edit. (Italian from Google translate)